The Triangle of the Scene (Paul Vaillancourt)

The Triangle of the Scene: A simple, practical, powerful method for approaching improvisation

In The Triangle of the Scene, veteran improv teacher and performer Paul Vaillancourt lays out a simple set of tools that enable improvisors old and new to use the three basic elements of a scene to super-charge their work and take it to the next level. In this book, Paul shows you how to better connect with your partner, how to use the ‘where’, and how to find the ever elusive game of the scene. The Triangle of the Scene is also the first improv book to use embedded videos to allow readers to see the book’s exercises and techniques in action.

With 30 years of experience performing and teaching improv Paul (the Co-founder of the iO West and member of the legendary improv group Beer, Shark, Mice) shares with you the techniques that he has used to help thousands of students become more fearless, confident, and powerful improvisors.

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