Improv!: A Handbook for the Actor (Greg Atkins)
english , impro / 31 de marzo de 2018

You’re an actor. You know you’re going to have to do it sometime, but the very thought chills your blood, makes your palms go sweaty, and your voice squeak. It’s improvisation – and for many actors it’s a nightmare. Greg Atkins, a member of South Coast Repertory and unabashed improviser, takes the fear out of improv. This friendly, informative book looks at the reasons many actors hate improvisation, while quietly reinforcing the reasons improv is a vital part of acting and of theatre. He offers sensible (and fun!) exercises that can be used by teachers or by actors, to build up the mental agility that is so much a part of improvisation, and that should be part of every actor’s arsenal.

Do it Now, Essays on narrative improv (Kareem Bradr, Kaci Beeler, Roy Janik, Valerie Ward)
english , impro , Long form / 31 de marzo de 2018

When improv quartet Parallelogramophonograph (PGraph for short) embarked on their narrative improv journey in Austin, TX in 2005, they had no idea they were about to spend over a decade learning and discovering how to create fully improvised plays on the spot. This mini-book is filled with several short essays by members of PGraph – all on improv theories and techniques designed to help make narrative improv more fun, accessible, and attainable. WEB

Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out (Mick Napier)
english , impro / 23 de marzo de 2018

This expanded and revised edition has a new foreword by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, additional advice and tips for success, and a full reproduction of Mick Napier’s web journal from his time directing the famous show Paradigm Lost for The Second City that included Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, and Kevin Dorff. Renowned improv instructor and award-winning director Mick Napier has been at the heart of the professional improvisation community for more than 25 years. The first edition of Improvise. quickly earned its position as necessary reading for improv students across the country and around the world and gave birth to a new generation of performers who questioned “The Rules” of improvisation. In this entertaining and incredibly informative book, Napier will teach you the essentials of… –Why “The Rules” don’t matter –How to take care of yourself in a scene –Using context to your advantage –Effective two-person scenes –Balanced large-cast scenes –Successful auditioning –Solo exercises you can practice at home

The Improv Handbook (Tom Salinsky,‎ Deborah Frances-White)
english , impro / 22 de marzo de 2018

“The Improv Handbook” is a great new guide that covers the history of improvisation and includes chapters on spontaneity and the fundamentals of storytelling.Although there are already several successful books on the market about the theory and practice of improvised theatre, there’s nothing comprehensive, helpful, fun and full of experience and advice.”The Improv Handbook” is a great new guide from a husband and wife team who have years of studying, performance and teaching behind them. Beginning with a history of improvisation, the book works through different types of format and performance including TheatreSports and the inventions of Keith Johnstone and Del Close. The core section of the book is called, simply, “How To Improvise” and includes chapters on spontaneity, the fundamentals of storytelling, working together, upping the ante and characters.Having established the fundamentals, the two authors go on to elaborate on more advanced techniques and skills. The book concludes with sections on how to improvise in front of an audience and – just as crucially – how to attract an audience in the first place.” The Improv Handbook” should become a standard book in the field – it’s smart, fun, helpful, and inspiring, and it’s on a mission to bring…

Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual ( Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh )
english , impro / 22 de marzo de 2018

The Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual is a comprehensive guide to the UCB style of long form comedy improvisation. Written by UCB founding members Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh, the manual covers everything from the basics of two person scene work (with a heavy emphasis on finding “the game” of the scene), to the complexities of working within an ensemble to perform long form structures, such as “The Harold” and “The Movie”. A practical “how to” book, the guide provides exercises throughout to help the reader master each new concept and technique introduced. While the manual is written to be understood by beginners with no previous exposure to improvisational comedy, experienced improvisors will find it to be an excellent resource for honing their skills, clarifying concepts, and generally taking their work to a higher level.

The Complete Improviser (Bill Arnett)
english , impro / 21 de marzo de 2018

“If it happens in life, it can happen on stage.” With a fresh approach and powerful techniques, the Complete Improviser strives to liberate players from the classic improv rules. While well-meaning, many of the classic rules and approaches to improv (such as always say yes and don’t ask questions) say that certain scenes and choices are improper or completely illegal. Yet many of those illegal situations happen in our everyday lives. They also happen in the lives of characters in books, TV shows, and movies without any problems. When we recognize and play by the rules of life, many of the common confusions and stumbling blocks with traditional improvisation go away. Combining basics with pro tips, actors, improvisers, drama teachers, theater directors and new players of all backgrounds will find tremendous value with this life-first, in the moment philosophy. Though primarily focused on Chicago-style long form improv, readers will find information on relationship scenes, game scenes, and long form strategies with sample forms. Included are exercises with examples.

Improvisação como espetáculo (Mariana Lima Muniz)
impro , português / 21 de marzo de 2018

A improvisação como espetáculo é um estilo teatral no qual atores criam cenas no instante, junto ao público e no calor da ação. Este livro apresenta uma proposta metodológica de ensino-aprendizagem da improvisação, contextualizada nas principais experiências artísticas e técnicas da improvisação como espetáculo a partir da segunda metade do século XX. É resultado de dez anos de pesquisas praticas e teóricas sobre o tema e pretende contribuir para o desenvolvimento técnico e artístico da improvisação tanto como espetáculo quanto nos processos de formação em teatro com adultos e crianças.

How to improvise a full lenght play (Ken Adams)
english , impro , Long form / 21 de marzo de 2018

How to improvise a full lenght play: The art of spontaneous theater (Ken Adams) Forget the script and get on the stage! In How to Improvise a Full-Length Play, actors, playwrights, directors, theater-group leaders, and teachers will find everything they need to know to create comedy, tragedy, melodrama, and farce, with no scripts, no scenarios, and no preconceived characters. Author Kenn Adams presents a step-by-step method for long-form improvisation, covering plot structure, storytelling, character development, symbolism, and advanced scene work. Games and exercises throughout the book help actors and directors focus on and succeed with cause-and-effect storytelling, raising the dramatic stakes, creating dramatic conflict, building the dramatic arc, defining characters, creating environments, establishing relationships, and more. How to Improvise a Full-Length Play is the essential tool for anyone who wants to create exceptional theater. Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don’t aspire to publish a New York Times…

Directing Improv (Asaf Ronen)
english , impro / 21 de marzo de 2018

This book establishes a vocabulary for improvisational direction to help directors, teachers and coaches better aid their troupes, their students and themselves. Featured inside are examples from varying schools and philosophies and interview with such respected improv luminaries as Armando Diaz, Michael Gellman, Kevin Mullaney, Mick Napier, Dan O’Connor, Shira Piven, Gary Schwartz, Todd Stashwick, and many more. Find information on: – Giving Notes and Sidecoaching – Working with Mixed Experience Levels – Directing Children – Directing a Troupe with Which You Perform