Do or Do Not: How to Improvise Like a Jedi (Mary C Carpenter)
/ 17 de noviembre de 2020

After 25 years performing and teaching improv, and 40 plus years of devotion to Star Wars, Mary Carpenter has finally discovered a way to combine the two. Carpenter breaks down the “how-to,” and seeks out the “why” and “what else” to give you the tools to unlock your true Jedi improv powers. This book will not just teach you how to improvise, but how to become your own improviser. Buckle in because these are the droids you’re looking for, I have a good feeling about this, and it’s time to punch it Chewie!

The Triangle of the Scene (Paul Vaillancourt)
/ 17 de noviembre de 2020

The Triangle of the Scene: A simple, practical, powerful method for approaching improvisation In The Triangle of the Scene, veteran improv teacher and performer Paul Vaillancourt lays out a simple set of tools that enable improvisors old and new to use the three basic elements of a scene to super-charge their work and take it to the next level. In this book, Paul shows you how to better connect with your partner, how to use the ‘where’, and how to find the ever elusive game of the scene. The Triangle of the Scene is also the first improv book to use embedded videos to allow readers to see the book’s exercises and techniques in action. With 30 years of experience performing and teaching improv Paul (the Co-founder of the iO West and member of the legendary improv group Beer, Shark, Mice) shares with you the techniques that he has used to help thousands of students become more fearless, confident, and powerful improvisors.

Jeux et enjeux : La boîte à outils de l’improvisation théâtrale (Mark Jane)
/ 12 de noviembre de 2020

Jeux et enjeux : La boîte à outils de l’improvisation théâtrale Que vous soyez un débutant passionné ou un professionnel aguerri, Jeux et Enjeux : La boîte à outils de l’improvisation théâtrale est une source d’informations inestimable pour quiconque s’intéresse à l’art du théâtre d’improvisation. Riche de 130 exercices, abordant les bases ainsi que les formes courtes et plus longues de l’improvisation, cet ouvrage est conçu comme un support pratique permettant à la théorie de prendre vie. Grâce à un mélange unique de traditions européennes et nord-américaines, il vous offre une grande diversité d’approche, et explore des domaines qui vont de La spontanéité à la narration, des masques à l’adaptation pour la scène des théories du Voyage du Héros de Joseph Campbell. Tanto si eres un principiante ávido como un profesional experimentado, Jeux et Enjeux: The Theatrical Improvisation Toolkit es una fuente de información invaluable para cualquier persona interesada en el arte del teatro de improvisación. Con 130 ejercicios, que cubren los conceptos básicos, así como formas cortas y largas de improvisación, este libro está diseñado como un apoyo práctico que permite que la teoría cobre vida. Gracias a una mezcla única de tradiciones europeas y norteamericanas, le ofrece una…

Improv Beyond Rules (Adam Meggido)
/ 12 de noviembre de 2020

An inspiring, hands-on guide to narrative improvisation, by the co-creator and director of the Olivier Award-winning improv show Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. Improvisation is a craft that anyone can learn. When freed from endless rules and rigid approaches and allowed to relax, react instinctively and work seamlessly as a group, improvisers can spontaneously create performances that thrill audiences with their liveness. Drawing on the author’s extensive experience teaching and performing around the world, Improv Beyond Rules is a fresh and exciting re-examination of the whole field of improvisation. Starting with the fundamental principles that work for all forms of improvised performance and the common traps improvisers fall into it goes on to explore the elements of narrative improvisation, where performers create a story without any predetermined structure: The Moment: How to be authentically in the moment by listening and responding to your fellow performers, accepting their suggestions (not necessarily by always saying yes ) and committing to whatever happens next. The Scene: How to connect moments together to build a compelling scene and keep it moving forward; why there’s no such thing as a mistake; understanding and working with audiences. The Story: How to link scenes to build story and…

The Improvisation Book (John Abbott)
/ 12 de noviembre de 2020

The Improvisation Book: How to Conduct Successful Improvisation Sessions The «Improvisation Book» takes the teacher step-by-step through a series of graded improvisation exercises. It also contains a unique set of 96 Improvisation Cards. Drawn at random these cards determine Character and Scenario. The endless combinations ensure that the teacher never need run dry!

Absolutely Everything** You Need to Know about Teaching and Performing Improv (Trace Crawford)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

Absolutely Everything** You Need to Know about Teaching and Performing Improv is your personal guide to learning how to perform short-form improvisation consistently and successfully. Every challenge, every activity, and every rule presented in the book is rooted in 20 years of teaching performers from all skill levels. Material has been hand-picked to include only the activities that have consistently proven successful at overcoming the common pitfalls that can plague the improviser-in-training. Utilizing methods that are simple, easy to understand, and very, very fun, you will learn how to develop a program that allows one to maintain high expectations and create a professional looking product while still maintaining the informal revelry of game playing and humor. Simply put, by using this book, one should be able to success- fully mount any kind of short-form improv – be it corporate or student, single-team or festival, pre-professional or veteran – to the sound of riotous laughter and thunderous applause. Tapa blanda : 376 páginas ISBN-13 : 978-0692518144

The Visual Guide to Improv (Anna Harvard, Katarina Wahlberg)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

The visual guide to improv is an illustrated guide to the art of improvisation theater. It explains tricky concepts, ideas, techniques and formats through illustrations and concrete, easy-to-use tips. Whether you are a student or performer wanting to develop your improv skills or a teacher looking for inspiration and new tools to explain improv – this book is a must-have. THE BOOK INCLUDES: • 16o pages with more than 500 illustrations and infographics. • 50 tips that will help you develop brilliant scene work. • A crash course in classic storytelling – how to build heroes, villains and captivating stories. • 24 tips on how to edit scenes. • 18 improv formats. • Inspiration for genre work – ranging from action and rom-com to Jane Austen and Alfred Hitchcock. Comprar aquí

Improvising Better (Jimmy Carrane, Liz Allen)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

Improvising Better is an easy to read self-help book created with the new generation of improviser in mind. It’s written for today’s performers, looking for a quick fix to their performance problems. This book is a fast read with long-lasting results. Jimmy Carrane and Liz Allen have improvised, taught, and directed in Chicago for over thirty years combined, and have either seen or experienced the most common problems facing improvisers today.I mprovising Better will give you simple tools for repairing your improvisation through original and enhanced exercises. This book addresses the improviser as a whole, including how offstage issues affect onstage performance. Speaking candidly about this very personal art form, Carrane and Allen offer common-sense solutions, some tough love, and a little inspiration along the way. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, Improvising Better will catapult you to the next level in your career as a working improviser. Web oficial

Arquitectura de una impro (Rafa Villena)
/ 3 de mayo de 2020

Este es un libro sobre teatro de improvisación. Profundiza en la técnica dramatúrgica para realizar una impro teatral. El teatro de improvisación está viviendo un auge en la escena internacional, entrando en los espacios escénicos de todo el mundo. Las personas que se dedican a esta disciplina artística están necesitadas de encontrar textos técnicos para desempañar su oficio. “Arquitectura de una impro» propone una estructura de trabajo para poder realizar improvisaciones, paso por paso, de manera didáctica. Trabaja sobre la idea del autor de realizar tres tramas simultáneas, a modo de capas, que le den profundidad a las historias que se van crear. «Arquitecto de lo efímero, Rafa ofrece una perspectiva personal de la transparente construcción que sostiene toda impro. Trae bajo el brazo planos que felizmente no siempre coinciden con los míos, y aquí los despliega, los comparte. Evito el contrapunto, opto por la escucha y aprendo de sus directrices.» Omar Galván. Rafa Villena, Granada 1981. Desde 2004 lleva ejerciendo como improvisador profesional. Director de La Tetera Impro! y actor en la compañía Improviciados. Es docente de teatro de improvisación desde el año 2009. Tapa blanda: 88 páginas Editor: Ed. Status (23 de abril de 2020) Idioma: Español ISBN-10:…

The Other Blocking: Teaching and Preforming Improvisation (Tom Smith)
/ 9 de marzo de 2020

Editor: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co ,U.S. (1 de octubre de 2010) Idioma: Inglés ISBN-10: 0757560717 ISBN-13: 978-0757560712 Tom Smith took his first improv class in 1985, and has been performing and teaching it ever since. He founded Walla Walla Theatresports in 1988 and has taught hundreds of improv workshops and classes, from Creede, Colorado to Dresden and Mosbach, Germany. He has performed with numerous long and short form groups, including Arkansas Toothpick Extravaganza, Seattle Theatresports, and Crooked Mirror.