101 Improv Games for Children and Adults (Bob Bedore)
/ 3 de junio de 2019

What is the big deal about improv? It’s fun. It strengthens our imagination, promotes self-confidence, increases spontaneity, promotes teamwork, and it’s magic: it creates something out of nothing. 101 IMPROV GAMES FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS contains the basics: what improv is all about and how to do it, special instructions for how to teach improv to children, plus more advanced training on how to use your voice and body in ways you haven’t thought of before. It has helpful hints for creating scenes and environments out of thin air. All this plus 101 games with simple instructions, from easy warm-up games to over-the-top crowd pleasers such as Fairy Tales, Bizarre Games, On Your Toes and Narrative Games. This is the tenth in the Hunter House SmartFun activity books series, and the first one for adults as well as children. The book is a great resource for educators as well as for the professional actor or the layperson working with improv for fun. The book contains lively illustrations and is easy to use. Improv is about creating something out of nothing, but a really good improviser can create something great out of nothing. This book shows you how. (english edition)

The Comedy Improv Handbook (Matt Fotis, Siobhan O’Hara)
/ 30 de abril de 2019

The Comedy Improv Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to University Improvisational Comedy in Theatre and Performance is a one-stop resource for both improv teachers and students, covering improv history, theory, maxims, exercises, games, and structures. You will learn the necessary skills and techniques needed to become a successful improviser, developing a basic understanding of the history of improvisation and its major influences, structures, and theories. This book also addresses issues associated with being a college improviser – like auditions, rehearsals, performances, and the dynamics of improv groups.

How to start your own improv comedy group (Paul Stokstad)
/ 31 de marzo de 2018

What if all the theatre books in the world taught people how to rehearse but not how to perform? Nothing on presentation. This odd situation exists in the genre of improv theatre books, where there are quite a few published tomes providing improv training, but nothing, really, on how to perform it in front of a live audience. This book gives all the tools that a reasonably competent adult would need to understand improv theatre, train others, form a performing group, and keep it together as long as possible. The unique element of this book is it’s focus not only on improv concepts and games but on practical guidelines for creating a viable performing group and staging improv games for live audiences. The book includes an extensive game list with staging comments.

Explorando el match de improvisacion (Vio Koldobika)
/ 17 de marzo de 2018

La Colección PEDAGOGÍA TEATRAL presenta este texto sobre el Match de Improvisación como herramienta dentro del campo dela expresión y la creatividad. Como todas las publicaciones de Ñaque Editora, aúna la profundidad teórica con la frescura dela práctica. KOLDOBIKA GOTZON VIO, alumno de Georges Laferriére, nos transmite su experiencia y la de sus compañeros de equipo, D’lmpro Kolektiboa. «EXPLORANDO EL MATCH DE IMPROVISACIÓN“ es una invitación a entrar y disfrutar del mundo del Match: «Unjuego teatral colectivo en el que, por medio de técnicas de improvisación, varios equipos compiten cooperativamente y donde el público asistente es parte activa del espectáculo.» Equipos y público forman parte de un proceso de crecimiento, divertimiento y placer. Prologado por el impulsor del Match en España, Georges Laferriére, Profesor de Didáctica del Arte Dramático en la Universidad de Quebec en Montreal; el libro trata de cómo se puede entrenar un equipo de Match en sus primeras fases y de su profundización en este trabajo, todo ello aderezado con claves para su utilización pedagógica. Para aficionados a este juego-técnica; para actores y actrices; para formadores que deseen aplicarlo en el taller o en el aula.

Theatre Games: A New Approach to Drama Training (Clive Barker)
/ 17 de marzo de 2018

Theatre Games: A New Approach to Drama Training (Clive Barker) «Clive Barker’s book is more than just a guidebook of improvisational games for actors: it is, rather a comprehensive exploration of acting techniques» New York Theatre Review «Theatre Games is a massive contribution to the art of theatre…A bulging portfolio of credo, craft, advice and instruction…It is dazzlingly astute and a thrilling read – quite unlike a text-book, rather a long, fascinating chat into the small hours» The Stage Theatre games are a method of training actors that was developed in the 20th century by leading practitioners including Clive Barker, who trained actors at Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop in its heyday. He developed his «theatre games» system over 20 years and proved its effectiveness for teachers, students and actors alike. His famous book combines his philosophy and approach to games, describes how to play them and the acting skills which can develop out of them. The games are arranged in order of complexity and illustrated with photographs and diagrams. This re-issue of this classic and timeless text now includes a DVD with video material showing Clive Barker teaching his games in a studio and contains background information and first hand…