The Improv Handbook (Tom Salinsky,‎ Deborah Frances-White)

«The Improv Handbook» is a great new guide that covers the history of improvisation and includes chapters on spontaneity and the fundamentals of storytelling.Although there are already several successful books on the market about the theory and practice of improvised theatre, there’s nothing comprehensive, helpful, fun and full of experience and advice.»The Improv Handbook» is a great new guide from a husband and wife team who have years of studying, performance and teaching behind them. Beginning with a history of improvisation, the book works through different types of format and performance including TheatreSports and the inventions of Keith Johnstone and Del Close. The core section of the book is called, simply, «How To Improvise» and includes chapters on spontaneity, the fundamentals of storytelling, working together, upping the ante and characters.Having established the fundamentals, the two authors go on to elaborate on more advanced techniques and skills. The book concludes with sections on how to improvise in front of an audience and – just as crucially – how to attract an audience in the first place.» The Improv Handbook» should become a standard book in the field – it’s smart, fun, helpful, and inspiring, and it’s on a mission to bring Improv to a much wider audience.

Idioma: Inglés
Editorial: Methuen Drama;
Fecha publicación: 19 octubre 2017 (2nd Revised edition)
Páginas: 520 págs.
ISBN-10: 1350026166
ISBN-13: 978-1350026162

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