Group Improvisation: The Manual of Ensemble Improv Games (Peter Gwinn)

Over 40 improv games for developing group chemistry are included in this concise book, organized into sections: Bonding, Focus, Awareness, Creation, Energy, Dynamics, and more. Every group, not just improv teams, benefits from increased communication, and author Peter Gwinn reveals many secrets about how to facilitate this connection in fun and creative ways. The many improv games and exercises he presents here, appropriate for high school age or older thespians, help heighten awareness, break the ice, increase concentration, and wire brains together. Gwinn and his colleagues at the iO Theater in Chicago developed the concept of “The Group Mind” to create a synergy between team members. With this increased connection, your actors feel part of a greater entity, with a sense of excitement, belonging, and importance that takes teamwork to a new level.