Os Princípios da Improvisação: 40 Jogos para Aprender a Improvisar (Claudio Amado)

This book is a practical and easy guide to learning the art of improvisation, that is, being prepared to find solutions to unexpected problems. To improvise on stage, at work and in life, it is necessary to develop certain skills that we already have, but which can be improved. Each chapter talks about a skill necessary for improvisation, such as Listening, Collaboration, Teamwork, accompanied by related improvisation games. This book is recommended for improvisers, improvisation teachers, actors, theater and arts students and teachers; professionals from different areas who seek to develop their own skills or those of their employees and co-workers, such as Communication, Self-Expression, Combating Shyness, Teamwork, Decision Making, Quick Reasoning, among others; consultants, trainers, speakers, corporate training facilitators and coaches; writers, screenwriters, advertisers, playwrights and others interested in storytelling, scriptwriting and story creation; and for anyone who wants to learn fun games of creativity, spontaneity and integration for two or more people. All the exercises described in the book have already been used by the author in his classes and training in these 12 years of research and dedication to teaching the methodology known as Impro or Improv. It’s been a long time since improvisation theater techniques left … Continue reading Os Princípios da Improvisação: 40 Jogos para Aprender a Improvisar (Claudio Amado)