The Playbook: Improv Games for Performers (William Hall)

Improvisation games, formats and notes. Over 370 games for performance and class. This book is perfect for individuals and improv groups who want to expand their collection of games. Teachers will love the variety of drama games for their classes. Over 11 long form formats are also included. You will also find useful tips, resources as well as notes on improvisation. The games have been collected since 1986…and cover the familiar to the obscure. The Playbook offers games – from the classic to obscure – and breathes new life through variation. It includes different versions when appropriate for some of the 370 documented games, so that each ensemble can add variety to a set list, find new joy in an old format, or embrace risk by experimenting with a twist on a trusted cast/audience favorite. All the games are indexed by category. This feature is immensely helpful to performers scrambling to find just the right Audience participation, Restriction, or Music-based scene – when time is of the essence. Recall a game concept or a component, but not the title? Search and find a game multiple ways. Unfamiliar terms are explained in the short glossary. This quick tool can be a … Continue reading The Playbook: Improv Games for Performers (William Hall)