The following books talk about improvised musical theater creation, whether to create musical pieces or to accompany improvisation shows.

The Improv Comedy Musician (Laura Hall, Bob Baker)
/ 7 de March de 2024

The Improv Comedy Musician: The Ultimate Guide to Playing Music with an Improv Group Learn musical improv from Laura Hall of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”Are you a musician who performs with an improv comedy group? If so, this book is for you! You’ll also greatly benefit if you are a music director, improv team leader, improv teacher or coach, improv actor or singer, or just a hardcore Whose Line fan. This book is an opportunity for me to share knowledge gained from my years of improv experience. You’ll learn how I do what I do on Whose Line is it Anyway (plus get some insider stories about the show!) And you’ll get tips and pointers on how to play for live improv shows, play in different styles, accompany improvised songs, know how to approach long and short form, improvise musicals, be a valuable team player, and lots more.

Aladuría: El camino hacia la creatividad (Julián Bozzo)
/ 20 de September de 2021

What prevents us from feeling that we are already creative? The society in which we live has taught us that being creative is synonymous with standing out from others, being ingenious, eager, etc. In reality, human beings are creative by nature. When we cook, when we remember something, when we kiss, walk, read… we are being creative. The interesting thing is to see the ways that people have of showing that creative singularity, that way of making coffee, of remembering, of caressing, of kneading bread; It is what makes us unique people. And then, how do we come to feel that we already are? This book is a one-way ticket to your interior, to your creativity, but not just any creativity. This will be a journey towards praise, towards creativity that is born only and only from contact with our essence. A journey in which you will break down the barriers that society, education, culture and family have imposed on us to prevent our essence, and therefore our creativity, from being expressed freely and generously. Welcome to the journey to the center of yourself. “They have taught us to applaud those who do something surprising, but at the same time…

Musical Direction for Improv and Sketch (Michael Pollock)
/ 26 de May de 2021

Masteryear Publishing is proud to present this unique guide to a musical skill long considered mysterious and practically un-teachable.Step by step, author Michael Pollock explains the thinking process behind comedy accompaniment and musical direction in clear, simple language. Each concept is illustrated by audio examples, featuring actors from The Second City Los Angeles and Michael at the keys.The best comedy troupes in the world have live keyboard accompaniment, and musicians who can provide this kind of clever, spontaneous underscore are relatively rare. This book and CD leads the way to rapid progress for anyone who would like to learn.

Instant Songwriting (Nancy Howland Walker)
/ 18 de January de 2021

Instant Songwriting is the ultimate how-to book for musical improvisers and an excellent resource for songwriters. With over two decades of musical improv experience, Nancy Howland Walker guides you with clear, logical and fun step-by-step exercises, from the very basics of putting a song together, to highly advanced song techniques. Whether you are new to the art form or experienced, your songs are improvised or written, or you do this for fun or profit, Instant Songwriting helps you take your song skills to the next level. Musical tracks are available to download for each exercise – to accompany you as you practice and master each step along the way. Now go and become the Songwriting Diva you were meant to be!

Musical Improv Comedy: Creating Songs in the Moment (Michael Pollock)
/ 31 de March de 2018

Clear, everyday language explains each element of an improvised song. Simple building blocks are combined with playing tips to elevate a performer’s musical improvisation to its highest level. Masteryear Publishing is proud to offer MUSICAL IMPROVE COMEDY, the first book of its kind. It is used by students and professionals at The Second City Training Centers in Chicago and Los Angeles, and Disney Entertainment Productions. The instructional CD and Michael Pollock’s clear, friendly writing style make this a truly practical tool for improvisational players: a portable music workshop.