Improv at Work (Nicole Faust Cohen)

Improv at Work: What the Business World Can Learn from Improvisational Comedy

Improv at Work is an inspirational guide, designed to transform the stressed and struggling workplace into one of creativity, empowerment, and fun, similar to the environment surrounding improvisational comedy (aka, improv). Professionals with only a few years of work experience to the most competent leaders will draw inspiration from this book to optimize workplace communication, collaboration, and innovation.

In today’s workplace, technology shortcuts and overscheduled calendars are hindering our ability to grow the crucial interpersonal skills necessary for high-performing and thriving businesses.

If we want to realize the full potential of what’s possible in the workplace, we must avoid neglecting our own interpersonal skill development. This is where improv fits into the picture.

Improv at Work will:

  • Identify behaviors that stifle the creative work environment and offer different approaches to exchange creative ideas
  • Present improv rules and activities to help create a more productive work environment
  • Drive teams to get the most out of work interactions by demonstrating how to draw out and build on ideas, ensuring teammates feel comfortable and confident to bring the best of themselves at work
  • Demonstrate that improv absolutely makes sense in the business world

Here’s what the workplace had to say about experiencing workshops based on Improv at Work:

“Fantastic session — relevant, engaging, and fun!”

“I think the muscles you helped us train are critical for success… The agenda, activities, and examples were well designed and executed.”

“I found multiple ways to learn more about my colleagues and clients and have fun at the same time. I also found the Improv workshop to be an excellent way to be more creative, increase my collaborations with others, and build new relationships!”

“… it was fantastic on so many levels, developing new skills, getting out of your comfort zone, the openness you created, and the exercises we did were so refreshing and engaging.”

  • Title: Improv at Work: What the Business World Can Learn from Improvisational Comedy

  • Language: English

  • Publisher: Elite Online Publishing

  • Publication Date: 24 May 2022

  • First edition year: 2022

  • ISBN-13: 9781956642049

  • Compra en FNAC (es)

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