Improvisation, Inc. (Robert Lowe)

Applied Improvisation has become an important and growing field of exploration, research, and human cooperation. The book goes far beyond an introduction to alternative applications of Improvisational Comedy. It also delves into underlying theories that are usable in all human endeavors, from personal enrichment to every aspect of organizational development and cooperation. It includes working ideas, theory, structures, methodology, stories, notes, references, and practices, as well as exercises that can be used in any setting where learning and change are desired. This revised edition is also about tapping sources of creativity, in your gatherings and in your life. The material is intended to be used by individuals, within families, community development organizations, in government, in the military, in not-for-profit systems, religious gatherings, among business owners, executives, and companies, by corporate career-track leaders, trainers, educators, teachers, motivational presenters, and all others who understand how important it is to communicate effectively and easily, and to work cooperatively as we trudge our way through this ever increasingly complex, urgent, delicate, and small world.

Revised edition: 2017

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