Manual de clases de Improvisación teatral (Pau Farías)

In this manual the author tells in detail what theatrical improvisation is and what we can use it for.

A set of creativity, theatrical and sports techniques, which help us work as a team and enhance our own imagination. Whether it is to build stories in the moment, interpret roles, improve our communication or lose the fear of presenting ourselves live. It can be learned and used by any person or any work group that is not dedicated to the performing arts, but wants to explore and enhance their own creativity and communication.

This book should have it all for a coach, teacher, professor, and/or facilitator, being a fundamental tool to develop people’s creative potential, improve their communication and expressiveness, motivate them to innovate by learning from mistakes and unforeseen events, and learn to take them as opportunities for growth.

Contains 12 classes and initial level theatrical improvisation (for online and in-person modality). Manual of twelve theatrical improvisation classes (initial level) ready to teach, with technique, methodology, description and links of each exercise to watch on video. More than 70 games and dynamics to enrich your classes, awaken your imagination and enhance your creativity that will make your classes and training unbeatable.

  • Title: Manual de Improvisación teatral

  • Language: Spanish

  • Publisher: autoedición

  • Publication Date: 15 May 2023

  • First edition year: 2023

  • Compra online

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