O Corpo no Teatro de Improviso (Zeca Carvalho)

The extensive theoretical reflection and the exhaustive analysis of testimonies from improvisers make this book an object of central importance for a better understanding of the practice of Impro. Its scope is transversal to all international practice, but it has a very particular impact on the contexts of research and creation in Brazil and Portugal.

In addition to its academic relevance, the author’s vast experience in this area – both as a performer and researcher – and his professed passion for the modality, gives, in addition, to reading the text that inviting feeling that makes us let ourselves be carried away by those who know/ do/like.

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Vicente
Centro de Estudos de Teatro, Universidade de Lisboa

  • Title: O Corpo no Teatro de Improviso

  • Language: Portuguese

  • Publisher: 5livros

  • Publication Date: 1 June 2019

  • Nb. pages: 408

  • First edition year: 2019

  • ISBN-13: 9789898977151

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