The Improv Mindset (Keith Saltojanes)

The Improv Mindset: How to Make Improvisation Your Superpower for Success

We improvise every day, but how many times do we get stuck in our heads overthinking?
Now you can learn how to leverage the skills of improv for your life.

Improv isn’t just for actors, comedians, and writers, but is one of today’s most powerful tools for success in business, social situations, public speaking, communication, becoming a more fearless person, and just plain having more fun in life. Being able to think quickly on your feet, be in the moment, and to roll with any sudden changes makes any person more confident.

This book will break down these techniques with exercises you can practice both at home and put to use in real-life settings. You’ll learn:

  • Thinking (and responding) quicker
  • How to sharpen your sense of humor & creativity
  • Letting go of mental blocks to become more outgoing
  • Ways to initiate conversations when you don’t know what to say
  • Making the most out of every moment (even when you’re nervous)
  • Owning your own personality and using it to accomplish your goals

You don’t have to be born witty to apply these methods, you just have to be taught them and that’s what this book will do.

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