Trente ans de matchs d’impro (Stéphane Volle, Pierre Martineau)
/ 18 de March de 2024

“This is what we can say about what an improvisation is: a story that we tell ourselves as when we were children. » “- Stéphane Volle: since an improvisation is a beautiful, simple story written by players, the question is: how to write or how to tell a beautiful, simple story? – Pierre Martineau: the only answer that comes to mind is: starting from emotions! Because a story is told with the stomach, with the guts; a good story anyway. » These interviews with Pierre Martineau, historic Master of Ceremonies of the National Improvisation League in Montreal, are the way to know and understand the spirit which animated the creators of this game and this concept: the theatrical improvisation match. They are essential to fully understand not only the usefulness of the rules, the importance of the framework: “why do we do this or that”; but above all the “how”: how to improvise, that is to say how to “tell beautiful stories together”.

Entrainement théâtral pour les adolescents: A partir de quinze ans (Alain Héril, Dominique Mégrier)
/ 2 de February de 2024

The objective is to give everyone practical tools to set up theatrical awareness. Working approach: give a central place to the body; learn to manage space: others’ space, one’s own; discover the notion of contact and everything that is experienced even before approaching the text within the group. Breathing, relaxation, letting go, improvisation and imagination are the strong points of these 50 exercises. To guide their choice, the user will find pictograms next to each exercise, indicating their specificity and the number of participants. Finally, details are provided on the progress of a session and the schedule for a typical week.

60 Exercices D’Entrainement Au Theatre: Tome 2 (Alain Héril, Dominique Mégrier)
/ 2 de February de 2024

This book, which is the continuation of 60 theatrical training exercises, proposes a preparatory work , as a workshop, for the representation of a play. With the help of a series of commented exercises, which leave a large part to improvisation, training is proposed for collective listening, concentration, relaxation and dynamization of the body, as well as work on breathing, muscles and the joints.

60 Exercices D’Entrainement Au Theatre (Alain Héril, Dominique Mégrier)
/ 2 de February de 2024

A complete, key work, which will help children enter into your theatrical practice more easily. Teachers, educators and even facilitators will find in this collection 60 theater training exercises for young actors aged 8 and over. These fun and varied little activities will allow you to address different essential aspects of acting, such as reflection and work on the body, space, breathing and voice, listening and rhythm, relaxation. The children will learn, over the course of the sessions, to overcome their shyness, to control their gestures, their voice and to change their state. This book also offers advice on how to organize a session and training for a show or workshop depending on the time available: three days, a week, a school year. Its aim is to help teachers and participants find all the satisfaction promised by this wonderful source of motivation that is theater.

Yes, but… – Omar Galván
/ 7 de October de 2021

Omar Argentino Galván (improviser, teacher and show creator) is one of the main references of the improv scene in Spanish and author of the improv manual Del Salto al Vuelo (2013). His work is characterized by a particular poetics on stage, a combination of magical realism and theatrical narrative not widely used in the impro. With his tireless Improtour, he has worked on 5 continents and 35 countries. In this brief essay, “Yes, but. La impro en su encrucijada”, Galván gives his opinion about the means of production and consumption of theatrical improvisation, focusing on the North American community. It has been translated into English, French, Italian and Portuguese

Impro II, exercices et analyses (Robert Gravel, Jan-Marc Lavergne)
/ 16 de March de 2021

Con Impro II, Robert Gravel y Jan-Marc Lavergne dan seguimiento a su primer libro Impro I Reflexiones y análisis presentando una serie de ejercicios de improvisación teatral que se realizan tanto en las escuelas de teatro como entre bastidores de la Liga Nacional de Improvisación. Este libro está dirigido a profesores de teatro, líderes de grupo, así como entrenadores, jugadores y entusiastas de las muchas ligas de improvisación de todo el mundo. El lector encontrará ejercicios de calentamiento, ejercicios básicos y los llamados ejercicios de exploración. En total, más de veinte ejercicios destinados a profundizar en el dominio de la improvisación teatral. Varias fotos y tres análisis de improvisaciones “realizadas” en Montreal o en París ilustran gratamente determinados ejercicios. Si bien revela un poco los “secretos” de los profesionales de la improvisación, este libro es sobre todo una herramienta para continuar la investigación en el teatro en todas partes.

Impro : Tome 1, Réflexions et analyses (Robert Gravel, Jan-Marc Lavergne)
/ 16 de March de 2021

A true phenomenon of expression which has won popular favor through exceptional performances, this theater hockey game is attracting more and more fans. Everyone wants to play improv. This book is written by the two greatest improv specialists: Robert Gravel, founding player, star player, and Jan-Marc Lavergne, fine commentator and analyst. After a “serious” reflection by Robert Gravel on the adventure of improvisation as a theatrical utopia, the work presents the transcription of three magnificent improvisations with accompanying comments and analyses. Following are the official regulations of the LNI, referee signs and a brief chronology of events marking ten years of this theatrical game. Defense and illustration of theatrical improvisation. The short study by Robert Gravel (star player and teacher of the game of theater hockey as practiced since 1977 by the LNI, p. 13-49) is followed by the commented and analyzed transcription of three improvisations. In appendix: LNI regulations – Referee signs – Chronology of significant LNI events.

Jeux et enjeux : La boîte à outils de l’improvisation théâtrale (Mark Jane)
/ 12 de November de 2020

Jeux et enjeux : La boîte à outils de l’improvisation théâtrale Whether you’re a passionate beginner or a seasoned professional, Games and Challenges: The Improv Theater Toolkit is an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in the art of improvisational theater. Packed with 130 exercises, covering the basics as well as short and longer forms of improvisation, this book is designed as a practical support allowing the theory to come to life. Thanks to a unique blend of European and North American traditions, it offers you a great diversity of approach, and explores areas ranging from spontaneity to narration, from masks to the adaptation for the stage of theories of Travel of Heroes of Joseph Campbell.

¡Rompan el Hielo! / Brisez la glace! (Daniel Chartrand – Théâtre Action)
/ 13 de September de 2018

Brisez la glace! 
Organisation d’une ligue d’improvisation Este trabajo se publica en colaboración con la Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation y Éditions Gravel-Leduc Inc. Está especialmente dirigido a profesores, estudiantes de secundaria y estudiantes postsecundarios que deseen crear una liga. ¡Encontrarás ejercicios básicos, valiosos consejos sobre el arte de las justas, recomendaciones informadas para elaborar un presupuesto, establecer tus reglas y sugerencias para promocionarte!