Guia libros para crear un grupo de impro

Best books to set up an improv troupe

18 de November de 2022

If you are starting a theater group, you may have a group of people with a lot of enthusiasm but little idea of some of the mechanisms that make an impro group work. We are talking about the distribution of tasks, training/rehearsals and, especially, knowing how to work as a team, with good communication and interpersonal relationships. That’s why it’s a good idea to lean on the shoulders of those who previously set up theater groups. Here are our recommendations

Building the succesful theater company (Lisa Mulcahy)

Lisa Mulcahy interviews the most diverse and vital theater companies in the USA, current and recent, to try to unravel how to build a successful company. Seen from an eminently practical perspective, through funny anecdotes and sincere advice to understand the theater profession.

Devising Theatre (Alison Oddey)

A practical manual combining a critical analysis of contemporary theater practice, devised with descriptions of selected companies, and suggestions for any group thinking of organizing a theater group from scratch.

Theatre Games for Rehearsal (Viola Spolin)

Theater Games for Rehearsal is a practical application of the famous methods that have led Viola Spolin to be called “the high priestess of improvisational theater.” This manual guides directors and their companies step by step through all phases of the rehearsal period.

Group Improvisarion: The manual of ensemble Improv games (Peter Gwinn)

All groups benefit from greater communication, and author Peter Gwinn (iO Theater) reveals many secrets about how to facilitate this connection in fun and creative ways. A compilation of more than 40 improvisation games to develop group chemistry. Developing the concept of “Group Mind” to create synergy between team members.

Yes, but… (Omar Galván)

In this brief essay, Galván gives his opinion about the means of production and consumption of theatrical improvisation, focusing mainly on the North American community. An interesting reflection to consider where we want to take the creation of our theater group. Omar Argentino Galván (improviser, teacher and show creator) is one of the main references of the impro scene in Spanish.

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