Improv Books, now in english

Find the best improv books, now in english

26 de March de 2024

The improv book catalog on this website currently has 210 titles, of which 44 are available in Spanish and the main part are available in English with 165 titles. There are also 10 titles in Portuguese (mainly Brazilian), 9 in French and 3 in Italian. Obviously these figures overlap because there are many titles that have been translated from their original edition into other languages. And we know that there are still many books we have to continue incorporating and classifying, especially in French and other languages outside of those mentioned above. Any suggestions to add to this bibliography of improv books are welcome.

This month, the work has been to translate all the information already available into English, so that more people can access this bibliographic compendium, trying to create the best resource to find impro books. If you are reading this in English you just have to browse, in case you are reading this in another language, you can switch to English in the top bar.

And for the future, there is a lot of classification work pending, to be able to highlight the best titles in each area of knowledge, either because you want to improve your physicality, expand on the creation of stories, understand the origins of this art, or the different currents or because you want to apply improv to your life or your work. Would you be interested if the different titles could be evaluated as a ranking?

Also, we will continue announcing the new titles that come to the market (let us know if you publish something to help us in the promotion).

Leave your comment to know how you want Impro Books to improve, your guide to finding the best resources for theatrical improvisation.

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