Improv Your Life – Pippa Evans
/ 5 de febrero de 2021

¡Una guía de improvisadores para abrazar cualquier cosa que te depare la vida! PIPPA EVANS es una experta en decir Sí – y No. Es una maestra en pensar con cabeza, pero también ha tenido que aprender a dejarse llevar por la corriente. En este libro, ella transmite todo lo que ha aprendido de su galardonada carrera de improvisación, como intérprete y maestra, para que TÚ puedas tomar el centro del escenario en tu propia vida. Al contar su historia, profundizando en el arte de la improvisación y compartiendo divertidos ejercicios y prácticas que puedes hacer en casa, Pippa te ayudará a convertirte completamente en ti mismo (dándote cuenta de tu potencial y capacidad para adaptarte al mundo en constante cambio que te rodea). Es peligroso ser uno mismo, pero hagámoslo paso a paso. Abre el libro, respira y prepárate para decir SÍ. — An improviser’s guide to embracing whatever life throws at you! PIPPA EVANS is an expert in saying Yes – and No. She’s a master of thinking on her feet, but has also had to learn how to go with the flow. In this book she’s passing on everything she’s learnt from her award winning improv career,…

Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses «No, But» (Kelly Leonard, Tom Yorton)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Executives from The Second City-the world’s premier comedy theater and school of improvisation-reveal improvisational techniques that can help any organization develop innovators, encourage adaptable leaders, and build transformational businesses. For more than fifty years, The Second City comedy theater in Chicago has been a training ground for some of the best comic minds in the industry-including John Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Tina Fey. But it also provides one-of-a-kind leadership training to cutting-edge companies, nonprofits, and public sector organizations-all aimed at increasing creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. The rules for leadership and teamwork have changed, and the skills that got professionals ahead a generation ago don’t work anymore. Now The Second City provides a new toolkit individuals and organizations can use to thrive in a world increasingly shaped by speed, social communication, and decentralization. Based on eight principles of improvisation, Yes, And helps to develop these skills and foster them in high-potential leaders and their teams, including: * Mastering the ability to co-create in an ensemble * Fostering a «yes, and» approach to work * Embracing failure to accelerate high performance * Leading by listening and by learning to follow * Innovating by making…

An Improv State of Mind (Jennie Ayers)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Organizations depend on all employees to come up with fresh ideas. They depend on teams that can effectively collaborate. And our facility to stay productive in the face of change is vital. We can do all of this…by using the art and science of improvisation. Improvisation is an engaging learning tool that can help individuals and work groups be more adaptive and open to change, and create cohesive, trusting teams. An Improv State of Mind offers practical exercises -complete with debrief questions – for the improv novice and for coaches, trainers, facilitators, talent managers and OD professionals who are ready to embrace new ways to learn…and succeed. Idioma: Inglés Editorial: BoldReads, a Division of BoldWork Fecha publicación: 17 abril 2015 Páginas: 190 páginas ISBN-10: 0692308229 ISBN-13: 978-0692308226

Business Improv (Val Gee, Sarah Gee)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Workplace “drama” that’s productive! The secret to business growth is right before your eyes―it’s the creativity and innovation percolating in each one of your employees every minute of every day. How do you harness it to make it work for your organization? Business Improv! Based on the science of experiential learning, Business Improv uses improvisation activities from the theater to transform each employee into a great leader. The 75 hands-on activities in this proactive guide help you create an organization filled with people who: Engage with and “own” their work Generate creative ideas that drive profit Build innovative teams Solve problems effectively Make decisions with conviction Respond and adapt to change With Business Improv, you have the one and only tool you need to facilitate real, lasting leadership skills in every employee. Idioma: Inglés Editorial: McGraw-Hill Education Fecha publicación: 13 junio 2011 Página: 384 páginas ISBN-10: 0071768211 ISBN-13: 978-0071768214

Brain Disruption (Bruce Montgomery, Gail Montgomery)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Radical Innovation in Business through Improv Looking for new ideas? Need your teams to come up with that “next big thing?” Want to infuse or perpetuate a culture of innovation? Follow along with these two dynamic authors as they take you through Brain Disruption, one of the most engaging and powerful methods to getting individuals, teams and organizations to step up and solve problems. Steeped in the world of improv comedy, this no-nonsense guide provides a window into the neuroscience behind creativity and idea generation. Filled with exercises and activities, you’ll be able to apply the lessons in this book almost immediately. Idioma: Inglés Editorial: ExperienceYes Fecha publicación: 17 febrero 2016 (1ª ed.) Páginas: 182 páginas ISBN-10: 0692491821 ISBN-13: 978-0692491829

Improv Is No Joke (Peter A. Margaritis)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Using Improvisation to Create Positive Results in Leadership and Life Improve yourlife, where everything is not made up and the points don’t matter. Drew Carey’s show Whose Line Is It Anyway? has turned improvisational comedy into a pop culture phenomenon. But improv is more than just laughs, it’s a valuable training tool that will make you a more effective business professional. Inside, you will discover how to: Replace negative phrases like Yes, but… with successful terms like ‘Yes, and…’ Park your agenda and really hear your client out. By listening to understand, you can adapt to their ideas and produce a more positive outcome. Grow your client relationships beyond the numbers to build rapport, comfort, and trust. Improv is no Joke is must-read for accountants, bankers, and other financial professionals to sharpen the invaluable leadership and communication skills you need to successfully relate to clients and communicate complex information in a user-friendly way. «Peter is the first CPA speaker who actually made me laugh. Who knew accountants could be funny AND inspiring? Now, if I could just get my taxes to not be a joke!» Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible and The Message of You Idioma: Inglés Editorial:…

Playful Mindfulness (Ted DesMaisons)
/ 13 de febrero de 2020

Playful Mindfulness brings together wisdom from the worlds of mindfulness (paying attention to the present moment with curiosity and kindness) and improvisation (making life up courageously as you go along) so readers can find greater confidence, calm, and connection. CONFIDENCE. CALM. CONNECTION. Do you long to express that creative project or idea but tell yourself you’re not good or clever or funny enough, so why even try? Do you dream of a wide-open life filled with moments of wonder, delight and surprise but find yourself trapped in routine and smothered by stress? Do you yearn for deep, meaningful connection with those around you but feel yourself ever more isolated by social media and modern technology? HOPE IS ON THE WAY. In these pages, Ted DesMaisons takes your hand and leads you on a beautiful, surprising and unruly adventure into the lands where mindfulness and improvisation overlap. There, you’ll discover the same freedom, ease, and joy that thousands of his students at Stanford and elsewhere have found for themselves. Idioma: Inglés Editorial: ANIMA Learning Fecha publicación: 21 marzo 2019 Páginas: 318 páginas ISBN-10: 1950373002 ISBN-13: 978-1950373000

Improving Agile Teams (Paul Goddard)
/ 13 de febrero de 2020

IMPROV IS NOT ABOUT BEING FUNNY, ORIGINAL, OR CHAOTIC. IT’S ABOUT EMBRACING CHANGE. Improvisation. The mere mention of the word makes many people quake with fear at the prospect of chaos and uncertainty. The fact is, though, human beings are improvising almost every minute of their lives it is more natural, and more filled with possibility, than you might imagine. On stage, improvisational actors use simple rules, collaborative principles, and game constraints to build unscripted yet intriguing storylines. This book explores how those same simple rules and principles can help agile teams collaborate more effectively and how purposefully working within constraints can unlock creativity. Inside, you ll find over 50 techniques and improv games tailored for agile teams, complete with step-by-step instructions. These games are based on five different principles of improvisational theatre: SAFETY: how accepting failure is essential to discovery SPONTANEITY: how to increase the flow of ideas STORYTELLING: how narratives help teams relate to their customers and end users STATUS: how adjusting personal behaviour can encourage collaboration SENSITIVITY: how to become more fully engaged with fellow team members Idioma: Inglés Editorial: Agilify Fecha publicación: 20 julio 2015 (1ª ed.) Páginas: 216 páginas ISBN-10: 0993301304 ISBN-13: 978-0993301308

Do Improvise: Less Push. More Pause. Better Results. (Robert Poynton)
/ 19 de noviembre de 2019

Do Improvise: Less Push. More Pause. Better Results. A New Approach to Work (and Life) (Do Books) -Robert Poynton Everyday we deal with the unplanned and the unexpected – from a broken toaster to losing (or gaining) a major client. Our natural ability to improvise gets us through. But we feel as if we’re winging it, rather than acting with courage and conviction. Robert Poynton teaches an acclaimed method to some of the world’s biggest brands and companies. Improvisational skills that an actor might use on stage are honed and applied to the everyday business of work and life. The end result is a new approach that embraces change as a natural process and has creativity and innovation at its heart. With killer games to put the theory into practice, Do Improvise will help you: • Become more productive without trying harder • Overcome creative blocks and generate new ideas • Respond fluently to circumstances beyond your control • Inspire and motivate others Not sure what to do next? Improvise. Idioma: Inglés Editorial: The Do Book Co Fecha publicación: 16 mayo 2013 Páginas: 144 páginas ISBN-10: 1907974016 ISBN-13: 978-1907974014

Everything’s An Offer: How to do more with less (Robert Poynton)
/ 19 de noviembre de 2019

Everything s an Offer’ tells the story of one business person’s adventure in the world of improvisational theatre. It explains how the practises improv is based on can help you make more with what you have, using less effort, less energy and less resources (whilst creating less difficulty and stress). It illustrates, with myriad examples and stories, how anybody leading a busy and complicated life can put these ideas into action and why doing so will help them lead a more satisfying, creative and sustainable life. It extends the applications of improv far beyond team building and offers a new language for thinking about how we go about business – a language that has been used by Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Intel and FedEx to help them communicate better, build stronger relationships (internally or with customers), propel people into action and get to new ideas and solutions. Idioma: Inglés Editorial: On Your Feet Página: 282 páginas ISBN-10: 0615226183 ISBN-13: 978-0615226187