Long Form Short Book (Francisco Antillón Romo)
/ 16 de octubre de 2020

¡Descubre cómo improvisar escenas cómicas más efectivas! A través de la técnica de «juego de la escena» – que ha sido muy poco difundida en la comunidad iberoamericana de improvisadoras e improvisadores – crearás momentos cómicos memorables de forma más fácil, eficiente y consistente. Long Form Short Book es un libro que repasa los fundamentos de la improvisación cómica desde un enfoque distinto, para después adentrarse en la técnica que ha servido como plataforma de las carreras de personalidades como Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live), Donald Glover (Community, Star Wars), Aziz Ansari (Master of None) Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live), Ilana Glazer y Abby Jacobson (Broad City), Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place) entre muchos otros. En este libro, aprenderás como: – Crear realidades en escena. – Desarrollar mejores personajes. – Presentar comedia desde la verdad. – Qué es y cómo jugar el juego de la escena. – Cómo construir un set y un formato de improvisación. ¡Haz que tus escenas improvisadas sean tan efectivas que el público piense que son escritas con Long Form Short Book!

Absolutely Everything** You Need to Know about Teaching and Performing Improv (Trace Crawford)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

Absolutely Everything** You Need to Know about Teaching and Performing Improv is your personal guide to learning how to perform short-form improvisation consistently and successfully. Every challenge, every activity, and every rule presented in the book is rooted in 20 years of teaching performers from all skill levels. Material has been hand-picked to include only the activities that have consistently proven successful at overcoming the common pitfalls that can plague the improviser-in-training. Utilizing methods that are simple, easy to understand, and very, very fun, you will learn how to develop a program that allows one to maintain high expectations and create a professional looking product while still maintaining the informal revelry of game playing and humor. Simply put, by using this book, one should be able to success- fully mount any kind of short-form improv – be it corporate or student, single-team or festival, pre-professional or veteran – to the sound of riotous laughter and thunderous applause. Tapa blanda : 376 páginas ISBN-13 : 978-0692518144

The Visual Guide to Improv (Anna Harvard, Katarina Wahlberg)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

The visual guide to improv is an illustrated guide to the art of improvisation theater. It explains tricky concepts, ideas, techniques and formats through illustrations and concrete, easy-to-use tips. Whether you are a student or performer wanting to develop your improv skills or a teacher looking for inspiration and new tools to explain improv – this book is a must-have. THE BOOK INCLUDES: • 16o pages with more than 500 illustrations and infographics. • 50 tips that will help you develop brilliant scene work. • A crash course in classic storytelling – how to build heroes, villains and captivating stories. • 24 tips on how to edit scenes. • 18 improv formats. • Inspiration for genre work – ranging from action and rom-com to Jane Austen and Alfred Hitchcock. Comprar aquí

Improvising Better (Jimmy Carrane, Liz Allen)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

Improvising Better is an easy to read self-help book created with the new generation of improviser in mind. It’s written for today’s performers, looking for a quick fix to their performance problems. This book is a fast read with long-lasting results. Jimmy Carrane and Liz Allen have improvised, taught, and directed in Chicago for over thirty years combined, and have either seen or experienced the most common problems facing improvisers today.I mprovising Better will give you simple tools for repairing your improvisation through original and enhanced exercises. This book addresses the improviser as a whole, including how offstage issues affect onstage performance. Speaking candidly about this very personal art form, Carrane and Allen offer common-sense solutions, some tough love, and a little inspiration along the way. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, Improvising Better will catapult you to the next level in your career as a working improviser. Web oficial

The Bible as Improv (Ron Martoia)
/ 27 de septiembre de 2020

Every Christian desires to follow the Bible. But many of the things the Bible teaches—such as its instructions on how to treat slaves or its direction to sell everything one owns—seem to have little relevance to modern life. Picking and choosing what applies today leaves many readers frustrated and confused.Is it possible that Christians are asking the wrong question of Scripture? Ron Martoia suggests that the narrative sweep of the Bible is lost when it is reduced to quips and maxims. Faithfulness to the text requires faithfulness to its narrative form. Reflecting a high view of Scripture and a profound belief in its power to change lives, Martoia helps readers read the Bible so that its story shapes their own stories. In this new light, readers can move beyond the confusion about what is true today and what is “outdated.”With a passion for seeing people experience revolutionary change in their spiritual lives, Martoia shows readers how to look at the big picture of the Bible. As they will soon find out, the view is incredible. 224 páginas ISBN-13 : 978-0310287704 Editorial ZONDERVAN (5 febrero 2010)

Drama Games For Devising (Jessica Swale)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

As part of the ever-growing, increasingly popular Drama Games series, Jessica Swale returns with another dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book, packed with dozens of drama games that can be used in the process of devising theatre. The games will be invaluable to directors and theatre companies at all levels who are creating new pieces of theatre from scratch and need lively, dynamic games to fire the imagination. They will particularly appeal to school, youth theatre and community groups where devising is a growing trend – and a core element of the drama curriculum. Written with clear instructions on How to Play, notes on the Aim of the Game, and illuminating examples from professional productions, the games cover every aspect of the devising process and develop all the skills required: generating ideas, creating characters and scenarios, using stimuli, structuring the piece, and creating an ensemble.

Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses «No, But» (Kelly Leonard, Tom Yorton)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Executives from The Second City-the world’s premier comedy theater and school of improvisation-reveal improvisational techniques that can help any organization develop innovators, encourage adaptable leaders, and build transformational businesses. For more than fifty years, The Second City comedy theater in Chicago has been a training ground for some of the best comic minds in the industry-including John Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Tina Fey. But it also provides one-of-a-kind leadership training to cutting-edge companies, nonprofits, and public sector organizations-all aimed at increasing creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. The rules for leadership and teamwork have changed, and the skills that got professionals ahead a generation ago don’t work anymore. Now The Second City provides a new toolkit individuals and organizations can use to thrive in a world increasingly shaped by speed, social communication, and decentralization. Based on eight principles of improvisation, Yes, And helps to develop these skills and foster them in high-potential leaders and their teams, including: * Mastering the ability to co-create in an ensemble * Fostering a «yes, and» approach to work * Embracing failure to accelerate high performance * Leading by listening and by learning to follow * Innovating by making…

An Improv State of Mind (Jennie Ayers)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Organizations depend on all employees to come up with fresh ideas. They depend on teams that can effectively collaborate. And our facility to stay productive in the face of change is vital. We can do all of this…by using the art and science of improvisation. Improvisation is an engaging learning tool that can help individuals and work groups be more adaptive and open to change, and create cohesive, trusting teams. An Improv State of Mind offers practical exercises -complete with debrief questions – for the improv novice and for coaches, trainers, facilitators, talent managers and OD professionals who are ready to embrace new ways to learn…and succeed.

Business Improv (Val Gee, Sarah Gee)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Workplace “drama” that’s productive! The secret to business growth is right before your eyes―it’s the creativity and innovation percolating in each one of your employees every minute of every day. How do you harness it to make it work for your organization? Business Improv! Based on the science of experiential learning, Business Improv uses improvisation activities from the theater to transform each employee into a great leader. The 75 hands-on activities in this proactive guide help you create an organization filled with people who: Engage with and “own” their work Generate creative ideas that drive profit Build innovative teams Solve problems effectively Make decisions with conviction Respond and adapt to change With Business Improv, you have the one and only tool you need to facilitate real, lasting leadership skills in every employee.

Brain Disruption (Bruce Montgomery, Gail Montgomery)
/ 14 de julio de 2020

Radical Innovation in Business through Improv Looking for new ideas? Need your teams to come up with that “next big thing?” Want to infuse or perpetuate a culture of innovation? Follow along with these two dynamic authors as they take you through Brain Disruption, one of the most engaging and powerful methods to getting individuals, teams and organizations to step up and solve problems. Steeped in the world of improv comedy, this no-nonsense guide provides a window into the neuroscience behind creativity and idea generation. Filled with exercises and activities, you’ll be able to apply the lessons in this book almost immediately.