Acting on Impulse: The Art of Making Improv Theater (Carol Hazenfield)

Acting on Impulse is a new approach to the art of improvising. Carol Hazenfield combines new theory with practical exercises and a unique understanding of the rewards and challenges faced by performers. This in-depth look at improv is written in a conversational style with an easy blend of humor and passion. Acting on Impulse seeks to challenge the status quo (and slay some sacred cows) in the pursuit of dynamic, spontaneous theater.

Part One teaches players to perform truthfully from their instincts, emphasizing physical and emotional work as the basis for vibrant interactions. Part Two presents practical, accessible guidelines for narrative, character development, environments, group scenes, genre work and long-form improvisation. Readers will also learn the essentials of spontaneous acting through the use of objectives and tactics. A special chapter on how to make scenes work takes the mystery out of improv mastery. Instructors will appreciate the Appendix for Teachers, which offers tips on class design, constructive note-giving and additional exercises.

Idioma: Inglés
ISBN-10: 0971911231
ISBN-13: 978-0971911239

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