Brain Disruption (Bruce Montgomery, Gail Montgomery)

Radical Innovation in Business through Improv

Looking for new ideas? Need your teams to come up with that “next big thing?” Want to infuse or perpetuate a culture of innovation? Follow along with these two dynamic authors as they take you through Brain Disruption, one of the most engaging and powerful methods to getting individuals, teams and organizations to step up and solve problems. Steeped in the world of improv comedy, this no-nonsense guide provides a window into the neuroscience behind creativity and idea generation. Filled with exercises and activities, you’ll be able to apply the lessons in this book almost immediately.

Idioma: Inglés
Editorial: ExperienceYes
Fecha publicación: 17 febrero 2016 (1ª ed.)
Páginas: 182 páginas
ISBN-10: 0692491821
ISBN-13: 978-0692491829

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