The Inner Game of Improv (Jimmy Carrane)

The Inner Game of Improv: 5 Steps to Getting Bigger in Your Improv Career

Do you think that to get a bigger career in improv you have to run off to one more class or one more show? If so, you may be running in the wrong direction. If you want to have a bigger career in improv and you can quite figure out why you’re stuck, you may need to search inside for the answers. In this straight-forward, easy-to-read book, improv teacher Jimmy Carrane, co-author of Improving Better, author of Improv Therapy and host of the Improv Nerd podcast, has identified five things that often prevent improvisers from having a bigger career: perfectionism, resentments (and expectations), low self-esteem, playing small, and not taking care of yourself. Carrane combines real-world advice and practical tools with personal stories from his more than 30 years of teaching and performing at Second City, iO Chicago and The Annoyance Theatre to help you recognize and let go of each of these character traits so you can get more opportunities and make the most out of your improv career.

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