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5 book with improv games

9 de March de 2022

Many people discover improv through the so-called improv sports, shows in which short improvisations are performed limited by a challenge or game. Thus, the classic Impro Match (for teams of 5-6 players) or the Impro Catch (for confrontations between 2 teams of two improvisers, which normally leads to games of 2 or 4 improvisers), in addition to many other inspired ones, was born. for the previous ones.

Furthermore, impro games can be used both to show before the public and to fix or work on a specific component of improvisation.

We are going there with a list of books with impro games beyond the Match to nourish your training, your improv shows or simply to have a good time.

The Playbook

A complete manual with more than 370 improv games compiled since 1986, both for warm-ups and for showing in front of the public. William Hall continues to maintain the website

Impro (90 juegos…)

Grouped into the different skills to work on and with simple worksheets, this is the main work of improv games in Spanish. This book has been written by Spanish teachers of wide reputation with schools with more than 15 years behind them.

Group improvisation

Designed with the clear focus of providing tools to generate a group, 40 improv games are presented. Peter Gwinn was a member of The Second City Touring Company (1997 to 2000) and has taught at I.O. (Chicago) and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Os principios da Improvisaçao

This very brief manual (just 47 pages) is the first compilation of games in Portuguese. It has served as a lever to improve knowledge of improv in Brazil. Ideal to start your improv group. Claudio Amado is an improvisation teacher and one of the founders and directors of Cia Teatro do Nada (Brazil), and he has just released his second book on impro: Improvisação Avançada: O Formato Longo.

Theatre Games

Intended as tools for acting work in rehearsal. Clive Barker (1931 -2005) was a British drama teacher and this work is based on his work with university students.

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