A Guide to Keith Johnstone’s Gorilla Theatre (ITI Format Guides)

This guide is for all those wishing to train in and produce Gorilla Theatre™. It is a fantastic format to experience Impro Keith Johnstone style and receive all of the personal and group benefits that go along with it. Gorilla Theatre™ player/directors develop in storytelling, spontaneity, joyful failure, confidence, teamwork, directing, clowning and so much more.

In the late 1950’s Keith Johnstone was experimenting with Theatresports™ in London England. It was first produced in Calgary, Canada in 1977, from there spread around the world and is now played in over 90 countries.

Gorilla Theatre™ had its debut in 1992 and is also becoming popular worldwide.

The International Theatresports™ Institute was created by Keith to entrust and manage his Impro formats.

The ITI grants performance rights to groups wishing to train on and perform the Keith Johnstone formats of Theatresports™, Maestro Impro™ and Gorilla Theatre™. Money from royalties goes to member benefits, building the Impro community and managing the trademark and legacy. Keith himself has never taken any profit from the licensing of Theatresports™.

ITI members have select access to the Gorilla Theatre™ Guide but it is also available for purchase to anyone.

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