An Improv State of Mind (Jennie Ayers)

Organizations depend on all employees to come up with fresh ideas. They depend on teams that can effectively collaborate. And our facility to stay productive in the face of change is vital. We can do all of this…by using the art and science of improvisation. Improvisation is an engaging learning tool that can help individuals and work groups be more adaptive and open to change, and create cohesive, trusting teams. An Improv State of Mind offers practical exercises -complete with debrief questions – for the improv novice and for coaches, trainers, facilitators, talent managers and OD professionals who are ready to embrace new ways to learn…and succeed.

Idioma: Inglés
Editorial: BoldReads, a Division of BoldWork
Fecha publicación: 17 abril 2015
Páginas: 190 páginas
ISBN-10: 0692308229
ISBN-13: 978-0692308226

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