The Visual Guide to Improv (Anna Harvard, Katarina Wahlberg)

The visual guide to improv is an illustrated guide to the art of improvisation theater. It explains tricky concepts, ideas, techniques and formats through illustrations and concrete, easy-to-use tips. Whether you are a student or performer wanting to develop your improv skills or a teacher looking for inspiration and new tools to explain improv – this book is a must-have.

• 16o pages with more than 500 illustrations and infographics.
• 50 tips that will help you develop brilliant scene work.
• A crash course in classic storytelling – how to build heroes, villains and captivating stories.
• 24 tips on how to edit scenes.
• 18 improv formats.
• Inspiration for genre work – ranging from action and rom-com to Jane Austen and Alfred Hitchcock.

Web oficial: Visual Improv Guide

ISBN-13: 9789163952272

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